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April 2014 Parks and Recreation Activities Calendar Wrightsville Beach


  2014 Wrightsville Beach Parks and Recreation Calendar. There’s a lot more than just Easter in April around Wrightsville Beach.  Be sure and check the calendar for all of the upcoming events.  Free Wrightsville Beach Loop Stickers are now available again at the main office in Wrightsville Beach. 

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Wrightsville Beach Parks and Recreation


The Wrightsville Beach Parks and Recreation Department has lots of great, fun activities coming our way including the men’s and women’s tennis ladder, performance club, Summer parent and child art camp, kid’s cooking class, SUP and kayak workshop, line dancing lessons and the classic cotillion class.  Be sure to sign up early to ensure participation! […]

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Circuit Training-TrySports®


What is Circuit Training? Todd Henry Team Lead – Fitness TrySports Chapel Hill   Endurance athletes are creatures of habit. We run, we swim, we bike. We stretch a little, we do some core strength, we think that is enough. We do our workouts and go home. We also tend to get injured and, even […]

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2014 Eastern Surfing Association Contest Schedule

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 12.29.06 PM

SNC 2014 CALENDAR Summer’s on the way and that means it’s time for surfing season to kick into high gear again.  Here’ s the ESA schedule for our region for the rest of the season.  See you in the water and at the contests.  Look for the WB Loop wahine team to rip it up […]

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Wellness Wednesdays from TrySports®


GI Distress – A Gut Wrenching Issue  TrySports At any race, no matter the distance, all too common sights are those sidelined and struggling due to GI issues, fatiguing due to lack of calories and fuel, or shoving their faces with unhealthy snacks in hopes to refuel for their calorie deficit.  On a typical race […]

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Reggie Barnes-Eastern Skateboard Supply


You can imagine how stoked we were when we entered the dream factory that is Reggie Barnes’ empire.  We were kindly greeted and escorted directly to his office.  Old school skateboard decks signed by other legends of the skateboard industry adorned the office walls, adjacent to a large black and white painting of Buttons Kaluhiokalani.  […]

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