Official Results WBLA Kona Waterman Classic

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Contact: John D. Sideris, Vice-President and Communications
Phone: 910-352-1523
The 2013 WBLA Kona Waterman Classic Pro-Am is now in the history books! It will go down as the best event in our history with over 100 participants in a 2 day event. The following are the results for the Longboard Surfing, Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Surfing, and the SUP Ocean Race for both Novice and Elite divisions. Our Pro-Longboard Champ was crowned, and the coveted WBLA Kona “All Waterman” award, 3 events–one winner, sponsored by Klontz-Newkirk was revealed at the end of the last day’s event!

Cash prizes were awarded for the Pro-Longboard ($1,000), “ALL” Waterman ($200.00) and the Elite SUP Ocean race 1st ($125.00), 2nd ($75.00) and 3rd ($50.00).

Congratulations to all of the finalist and to all of our sponsors who supported this great event!

Girls Under 14           Boys Under 14           Junior Women 15-26                                   

1. Julia Eckels            1. Brycen Jernigan    1. Chandelor von Cannon                           

2. Madeline Eckels    2. Gibbs Kramer       2. Kat Neff                            

3. Kat Neff                 3. Jesse Heter             3. Lindsey Lewis       

4. Caitlyn Lanzi         4. Trevor Francis      4. Amanda Evans


Women 26-49             Grand Masters Women        Extreme Legend Men 70+

1. Teresa Kramer      1. Jo Pickett                           1. Steve Albachten

2. Marty Mantzer      2. Suzanne Dickson

3. Kerri Cunningham                                  


Men 20-29                  Sr. Men 30-39            Masters 40-49                       

1. Kieran Grant         1. Byron Major          1. Lawrence Shotwell

2. Brad Rose              2. Andrew Walden    2. Shawn Sevfert

3. Jerrod Covington  3. David French         3. Donnie Beale

4. Kyle Hay                4. Niel Zumbro          4. Tony Walker


Grandmaster 50-59               Legend 60-69                         Pro-Longboard Open

1. John Langone                    1. Daniel Johnston                 1. Tony Silvagni

2. Haywood Newkirk            2. John Klutz                         2. Brad Rose

3. Will Russell                        3. Bob Burke                         3. Fisher Grant

4. Bryce Francis                    4. Michael Whitmore            4. Alek Rockrise




Women SUP Open                Men SUP Open

1. Anna Blackburn               1. Fisher Grant

                                          2. Tony Silvagni

                                          3. Kieran Grant

                                          4. Jerrod Covington


SUP Ocean Race Novice Women                1.5 mile          

1st.  Anna Blackburn                      26:41

2nd. Virginia Christopher              28:33

3rd.  Katie Peters                             29:48


SUP Ocean Race Novice Men                      1.5 mile

1st.  Tony Silvagni                           21:35

2nd. Greg Fix                                   25:25


SUP Ocean Race Elite Women                    3.0 mile                      

1st.  Kimberly James                       41:04

2nd. Karen Wilson                           41:55


SUP Ocean Race Elite Men                          3.0 mile

1st.  Kevin Rhodes                           33:08

2nd. Jarrod Covington                    33:57

3rd. Kieran Grant                            35:15



WBLA Kona Waterman Classic-“ALL Waterman 2013”

Jerrod Covington-Winner (three events, one winner)




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