Parking at Wrightsville Beach ranges from very easy to sometimes very difficult. Meters line available spots along main streets as well as side streets.

In addition 4 lots dedicated to parking can be found at:

Meters are in effect from March 1st until October 31st. Rates are $1.25 cents per hour. Pay stations are located on site where you can pay with a credit card or cash.

The parking office for Wrightsville beach is located at:

If you do happen to get a parking ticket, which is easy to do because the enforcement is tough, the best thing to do is pay it ASAP. There is a reduced fee if you pay the ticket within 15 days. You can pay tickets by mail or at the parking office while you are at the beach.
Parking permits are handed out to full time residents of the island. For more info on seasonal passes go here: Town of Wrightsville Beach Parking Department