PPD Beach to Battleship 2014

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Date(s) - 10/25/2014
All Day

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Going the Distance to Improve Health & Save Lives

The PPD Beach2Battleship is an internationally recognized iron distance and half iron distance triathlon. Competitors from around the country and the world have traveled to the Wilmington, N.C. area to enjoy everything this world famous waterfront destination has to offer and to experience a competition Triathlete Magazine named as one of the top 5 iron distance triathlons in the world.

PPD, a leading global contract research organization, supports the event as its title sponsor to educate the public on the vital role of clinical research and participation in clinical trials to deliver new medicines to improve health and save lives, and to support the local community. All of the event’s net proceeds are contributed to the Wilmington Family YMCA.


General Event

1) Will athlete’s receive some sort of mailing before the event?

Yes. Each athlete in the Full and Half will receive the Official Athlete Event Booklet in the mail 5 – 10 days before the event. We strongly encourage you to update your user profile information at www.setupevents.com to ensure your mailing address is the most current. If your booklet does not arrive to you it will also be posted to the web site for you to download.

2) What if I don’t get my booklet in the mail before the event?
If the address you have in your user profile is incorrect, you will not receive your athlete booklet in the mail. You may download the 2013 Athlete Booklet below.  Note: This is a VERY large file. It may take some time to download. We will be unable to re-mail any of the athlete booklets in the event you do not get yours in the mail.

2013 PPD B2B Athlete Event Booklet

3) Will this event have live tracking of athletes for family members to view status on-line?
YES. The 2013 edition of PPD B2B will have live instant and searchable results. The web link for these results is posted below.

HALF DISTANCE LIVE RESULTS (NOTE – Nothing will populate until athletes start to cross the timing mats at swim finish on event day)

FULL DISTANCE LIVE RESULTS (NOTE – Nothing will populare until athletes start to cross the timing mats at swim finish on event day)

4) Will this event have a prize purse?
Yes. We will offer a prize purse for the PPD B2B Full event. The prize purse will total $4,990 and will be awarded to the top 5 overall Men and Women in the event. The breakdown of prize money will be as follows and will be awarded to the Top 5 overall regardless of pro or amateur status:

Place Male Female

5) How can I make reservations for the various special events?
Simply use the SHOP link at the upper portion of this page to make reservations to the Pre-Event Bus from the Hilton, the athlete dinner or the Athlete Celebration Brunch.  These items will be available closer to the actual event date – approximately August 1, 2014.

6) How can I collect my award if I didn’t attend the awards ceremony?
Simply use the SHOP link at the upper portion of this page to arrange for your award shipment after the event.

7) How can I find photographs taken of athletes at the event?
TriCycle Studios is the Official Photographer of PPD Beach2Battleship.  You can find them atwww.tricyclephoto.com

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1) How can I register for this event?
2013 Registration is now open.  Simply click the PARTICIPANT INFO link at the top of this page then REGISTER .

2) When will registration open for the 2014 Event?
November 1, 2013.

3) What is the date for the 2013 event?
PPD Beach2Battleship 2013 will be held on Saturday October 26, 2013.

4) What is the date for the 2014 event?
PPD Beach2Battleship 2014 will be held on Saturday October 25, 2014.

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1) Will there be transportation for athletes on the morning of the event from downtown to the beach/ transition #1?
Yes. Trolleys will take those athletes without a ride to the beach to the first transition area. Cost for this service is $5 per athlete. These trolleys will leave from the downtown Hilton at 5AM for the Full and 5:45AM for the Half on event morning. You can reserve a spot on one of these buses now by using the SHOP link at the top portion of this page.

2) Will there be transportation from the first transition area to the swim start area? 
Yes. ALL athletes will board a trolley before the swim start and be transported to the swim start area. Full iron distance trolleys will begin running to the swim start area at 5:45AM while half iron distance trolleys will begin running to the swim start area at 7:15AM. THERE IS NO NEED TO MAKE A RESERVATION FOR THE TROLLEYS FROM THE TRANSITION AREA TO THE SWIM START..

3) Will there be transportation after the event from the Battleship? 
The event will finish and hold Transition 2 in downtown Wilmington.  Thus, there will be no need to be transported from the Battleship.  This change will make everyone’s day more enjoyable.

4) How will I get my gear after the event?
Transition 2 will take place inside the Wilmington Convention Center (The same area where you collected your event packets).  You will check in your Post Event Gear Bag at the Convention Center on Friday.  Your gear will remain in the same spot where you placed it until Sunday at noon.  Your T1 (Swim to Bike) gear bag will be returned to this same location.  There will be no PRE-EVENT gear bag.  Any items taken to the beach and left will be donated to Goodwill or discarded.  So  you can plan to collect all your bags on Saturday or Sunday inside the Convention Center in the Jr. Ballroom (where you checked your Post-Event Gear Bag).

5) What are my options for collecting my bike and gear following the event?
Athletes will have several options on ways to get their bikes and gear after the event:

– Leave your bike in Transition 2 (Inside the Wilmington Conventio) until the following day (Sunday) where you can collect your bike between the hours of 9AM and Noon
– Ride or walk your bike from the Convention Center to your hotel on Saturday afternoon / evening
– Arrange with local bike shops (Bike Cycles) for them to collect your bike for you and ship to your home location.

Note: The Wilmington Convention Center will be locked starting at 1AM on Sunday morning and will reopen at 9AM to insure the bikes remain secure

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Swim Course

1) Is this swim in the ocean?
No. The swim is held in a channel connected to the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway. So, it’s a saltwater swim but not in the ocean.

2) What is the expected water temperature?
Water temperature for this time of year in Wilmington ranges from 62-68 degrees. So, the swim will be wetsuit mandatory.

3) Is it true that this swim will be WITH the current?
Yes. The swim is set so that the tide will be incoming. Thus, we expect some extraordinarily fast swim times.

4) What time will each event begin?
The Full Iron distance event will begin at 7:30AM. The Half Iron distance event will begin at 8:30AM. The staggered swim start times will allow all the Full Iron distance athletes a chance to pass the Half Iron swim start line.

5) Will the event be a mass start?
Yes. The Full will start with a mass start at 7:30AM. The Half will start with a wave start at 8:30AM. Swim waves may be found in the Athlete Information Booklet..

6) Will athletes start on the beach or in the water?
The Full will feature a beach start. The Half will feature an in water start.

7) Will there be a fresh water shower for use as athletes exit the swim?
Yes. There will be facilities in place for athletes to shower off with fresh water before entering T1 after the swim.

8) Are swim booties and neoprene swim caps allowed during the swim?
Yes. Swim booties are allowed but fins are not allowed. Neoprene caps are allowed but the PPD B2B issued swim cap must be worn over these caps.

9) What is the rule on wetsuits?
PPD Beach2Battleship organizers will REQUIRE that you wear a wetsuit during the swim. There will be no exception to this rule.

10) How will those with eyeglasses get their glasses from the swim start to transition area 1?
There will be an eyeglass hand-off location at the swim start for each event.  Simply give your glasses to one of these crew members and they will bag them, label them and have them waiting on you as you exit the swim.

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Bike Course

1) What will be served at the aid stations on the bike course?
The PPD B2B Bike Course will offer a variety of products at the aid stations spaced throughout the course (approximately every 15 miles). These items will include:

HEED Energy Drink (Orange and Lemon Lime) Water Bananas
Hammer Gel Packets Energy Bars Oranges
Endurolyte Tablets

2) Will the Bike Special Needs Bags be returned?
Yes. The special needs bags from the bike course will be returned to the convention center in a large box truck.  These bags will NOT be returned to your individual space.  If you wish to get your bike special needs bag you will need to find it in the box truck.  With that said, we HIGHLY SUGGEST you not plan on taking or leaving anything on the bike course you can not live without.  Any Bike Special Needs bags not claimed by 12:30AM on Sunday will be discarded.

3) What are the exact locations of the Bike Aid Stations?
The Bike Course Aid Stations will be located at the following locations:

Aid Station # Mile Point Event
1 21 Full and Half
2 35 Full (Half station also at Mile 36 on Half Course)
3 51 Full (Special Needs)
4 73 Full
5 87 Full
6 101 (Half 45) Full and Half

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Run Course

1) What will be served at the aid stations on the run course?
The PPD B2B Run Course will offer a variety of products at the 26 aid stations (13 stations for the Half) spaced throughout the course. These items will include:

HEED Energy Drink (Orange and Lemon Lime) Water Pretzels Hot chicken broth
Hammer Gel Packets Flat Cola Bananas
Endurolyte Tablets Energy Bars Oranges

2) Will the Run Special Needs Bags be returned?
Yes. The Run Special Needs area is near the Convention Center as you begin your second lap. Thus, these special needs bags will be at this location for you to collect after the event. Any special needs bags not claimed by 12:30AM will be discarded.

3) Is there a cut-off time to start the 2nd Lap of the Full Iron?
Yes. All athletes must complete Lap 1 of the run no later than 8:30PM in order to begin Lap number 2. Any athlete still on their first lap after 8:30PM will be pulled from the course.

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1) What will be provided at this event in terms of medical support?
New Hanover Regional Medical Center will be working with Set Up Events to coordinate all medical care throughout the event. As Southeastern North Carolina’s designated Regional Advisory Committee on Trauma Preparedness, NHRMC coordinates all multi-county medical events in Southeastern North Carolina. Medical coverage will include coordinated communications between EMS and Hospitals in New Hanover, Pender, Bladen, Columbus and Brunswick Counties.

Click HERE to view a diagram of the Hew Hanover Regional Medical Center Event Layout.

There will be a full medical tent at the swim finish and event finish. This tent will include a triage area, rapid treatment area and an area for athletes who may need more assistance. Working with regional physicians, paramedics, nurses and emergency medical technicians, there will be coordinated medical coverage throughout the event. The New Hanover Regional EMS bike team will ride along the Greenfield Lake portion of the run course. EMS Medical Stations will be located throughout the course so response may be made in an appropriate time frame. All aid stations will have communication to a Medical station that can respond rapidly to any athlete in need of assistance.


2) Will I need to fill out a medical form before the event?

Yes. The medical form may be downloaded from the link below:


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1) Is there mandatory bike check in before the event?
Yes. All athletes (full and half) will be required to check their bikes in to the first transition area (Beach) on Friday. At this time the Full Distance AND Half Distance athletes will also check in their changing bags with clothes to use during both transitions. These bags will include your bike clothes (swim to bike changing bag) and your running clothes (bike to run changing bag).

2) When will I check in my Special Needs bags?
Special Needs bags will be checked in at one of two locations and times: 1) At the convention center (downtown) on on Friday when you check in your T2 and post event gear bags or 2) At transition area 2 (Beach) on Saturday when you arrive to the event site. Organizers will then transport all special needs bags to the appropriate special needs locations. NOTE: Only Full Distance athletes will be given special needs bags.

3) Will I be allowed into the Transition Area on event morning to adjust tire pressure, etc?
Yes. All athletes will be allowed into the transition area on event morning. You may not, however, remove your bicycle from T1 on event morning.

4) How will I know where to rack my bicycle at the Battleship Transition as I will not be there on event morning to find my spot?
This will not be an issue as the Transition 2 area will now be held in the Wilmington Convention Center in downtown.  Also, volunteers will take your bike from you as you finish the bike; thus you will not need to know where your T2 spot is at all until after the event is over.

5) When will I check in my changing bags?
Changing bags (Swim to Bike and Bike to Run) will be checked in at two locations.  Bike to Run (T2) changing bags will be checked in at the convention center (downtown) on Friday inside the convention center near the event expo and packet pick up areas.  You will hang your T2 changing bags on the appropriate rack (individually numbered) on Friday.  Swim to Bike changing bags will be checked in at T2 (Beach) either on Friday when you check your bike or on Saturday when you arrive to the event site.  For T2 full distance athletes will check in their bags near the changing tents while half distance athletes will place your changing bags at your bike rack.

6) Where can I train during the week before the event?
The Wilmington Family YMCA will be open to athletes and their families the Monday before the event through Sunday after the event. Athletes simply need to check in at the front desk to take advantage of this offer. The Wilmington Family YMCA is located at 2710 Market St. – Wilmington, NC – 28403.

7) How do Relay Teams work?
Relay teams will be given the same bags as the individual competitors. How you use those bags is up to you, but if you choose to use your bags, you must follow the same rules as those for the individual competitors. Relay exchanges (chip exchanges) will be made inside the Transition Area at the designated RELAY EXCHANGE ZONE. ALL relay team members must come to packet pick up to collect their event materials. There will NOT be transportation provided from T1 to T2 for relay team members. Our suggestion is you have one car for the relay team that is driven to the Beach on event morning. This will allow your team members to move from spot to spot during the day.

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