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23 May 2013-We’ve been following 25 year-old Jarrod Covington for a couple of years now during his rocket ride through the Ocean Sports world.  The guy’s a phenomenal athlete to say the least.  Elite level performances are the norm for JC who prefers surfing to all other aquatic activities. I recently had the opportunity to surf with Jarrod and the kid rips.  He’s superquik and spends his fair share of time over the lip.  He wouldn’t let me list all of his winnings and accomplishments.  He would rather talk about his tight-knit family.  I told him I would have to point out his recent back to back wins at the Blockade Runner Biathalon and the All-Around Waterman Winner of the Kona Classic, a big pro-am event locally.


Jarrod is a native of nearby Beaufort, North Carolina and spent time surfing Lookout, Shackleford and lots of other down east spots close to his home base.  He has been in the water his entire life. His father, an optometrist and elite level windsurfer tried to drag Jarrod down the windsurfing road when he was small. Like all of the greatest watermen he rebelled, opting for surfing.  Jarrod’s a master of all Ocean sports, but you’ll never know it unless you read the contest results in the local paper. His family loves to see him compete and race and can always be seen enjoying the winning celebration at the end of the races.  Jarrod has three little sisters  who are 7, 12 and 21, “until July 6, when she turns 22 at least,” he tells me,” unaware of the significance of actually knowing his sister’s birthday (I know my sister’s too just for the record).


I meet with Jarrod and my partner Marla Doster in Café del Mar, where we always go and hang out.  The whole time we’re talking he’s in and out of one conversation or another, handing out solicited advice and casting appropriate compliments that clearly make the day of their target.  Now I’m not usually very impressed by anyone, but this gentleman is something special.  He really cares about everyone, I mean sincerely.  We think he is the perfect ambassador for all that is great about Wrightsville Beach and are very proud to be associated with him.


His biggest concerns? Safety.  As an experienced lifeguard, Jarrod knows that education is key to establishing safe standards, particularly for beginners.  It doesn’t stop on the job for Jarrod. He is constantly trying to make everyone be the best they can and he loves doing it.  He has a lot of responsibility for a lot of important folks.


Jarrod owns and operates Wrightsville SUP.  He invites everyone to come visit him this summer at the Blockade Runner where he is going to be starting up the Summer SUP series for anyone interested in SUP racing or just seeing what the sport’s all about.


We can ‘t say enough about the character of this young man.  The world’s really his oyster.

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