Roberts Market Wrightsville Beach

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ROBERTS MARKET  (910) 256-2641  

32 North Lumina Avenue, Wrightsville Beach            

Roberts Market


It’s the oldest store on the beach, and there’s been a family connection since the 1940s. This is one of our favorite places to go just about every day on the Loop, especially now that they are serving Nye’s cream at the front of the store! 


It’s everything a neighborhood grocery store ought to be, and is a joy to visit. Fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meats, canned goods, sandwich makings, fresh meats, canned goods, sandwich makings, paper plates and picnic items, wine and beer – it’s all here


The produce is displayed conveniently. The shelves are stocked neatly. The staff is friendly and helpful. There are hot meals, cool salads, and freshly baked cakes and pies from our deli,  too.


The fried chicken is so good it’s a wonder there’s not a line of live chickens outside the back door waiting to come in and be next!


Here’s a typical selection from the steam table in the back of the store:

Fried chicken- Meat loaf, Honey glazed carrots, Macaroni & cheese, Cranberry cobbler, Four bean vegetarian soup

The Famous Chicken Salad ( even has its own t-shirt!  Wash it down with your favorite beverage



Come by Roberts at lunch time. See all the folks outside in pickups and cars? They’re eating take out lunches from here.  See the folks sitting on the beach? Ditto.  The folks rushing back to work with plastic bags? The same.


Fixed price lunches and chicken priced by the piece.


In other words, you know you’re in a grocery store and the business is selling groceries.


Robert’s is the perfect place for finding just the right meal to take along the beach, or grabbing a delicious dinner after a fun-filled day out on the boat!


Life on the island couldn’t get much easier thanks to Roberts Market, unless they sold fuel! Stop by and say hi to Jerry Lachman and Allen Middleton while you’re there. You can always find Jerry up front unless he’s cooking at his sports bar, Jerry-Allen’s next door.  No Ka Oi !


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