Town of Wrightsville Beach Adult Tennis Ladder Summer 2013

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REGISTRATION: Begins April 1 and Ends May 17.
(Play begins May 20 and ends August 30.)
(After May 17 and up to June 28 you can challenge into the ladder)

FEE: $20 Wrightsville Beach Residents / $25 Non-residents
SKILL LEVEL: Initially, the top half of the ladder consists of 4.0 and 3.5 players for MEN & the bottom half is beginners and 3.0 players. For WOMEN, initially, the top half of the ladder consists of 3.0-3.5 players, and the bottom half is beginners and 2.5 players.

INITIAL LADDER: All players will be combined into a single men’s ladder and a single women’s ladder in order by ranking & order of registration. Players who participated in our 2012 ladder will retain the position in which they finished the 2012 ladder, provided that they register by May 17. Otherwise, after May 17, they will have to either challenge in or go to the bottom of the ladder. Young men and women, ages 16 and 17, may participate with parental consent (call the park office for additional registration information).

LADDER PLAY: You can challenge players up to five positions above or below you. Call
opponent to schedule a match (players determine venue for match). Winner of match assumes position of defeated player; defeated player drops one position. If the player in the higher position wins, both players keep their previous positions. Winner is responsible for reporting the win to the Wrightsville Beach Park Office (910-256-7925) within two days after the match so that both players will get credit. Tennis Ladder matches must be reported by 5:00 p.m. on the Friday prior to the update on Tuesday of the following week. To keep the ladder mixing well, everyone needs to play as many matches as possible. If you do not play at least two matches a month you will drop three places. You must play an equal number of down matches for every up match you play. And, you must accept challenges. If the ladder reaches 40 or more people, those players that do not play at least two matches a month will then drop five places.

LADDER LISTS: The initial ladder list will be emailed to all participants on Friday, May 17. Ladder play begins Monday, May 20 and ends August 30.
TO JOIN THE LADDER AFTER THE DEADLINE: After May 17, you may join the ladder by free challenge. Register at the park office and then challenge any player you choose. If you win the free challenge, you take the position of the defeated player and the defeated player drops one spot. If you lose the free challenge, you go to the bottom of the ladder and work your way up. You must challenge in within 2 weeks of registration. If no match is recorded, your name will automatically be placed at the bottom of the ladder.

RULES/SCORING: USTA rules. Scoring is the best of three sets. Tie breaker in any three sets.
FORFEITS: Rain is the ONLY legitimate reason to cancel a match without a forfeit. If rain begins after a match starts, the make up match will begin where the original match ended. In the case of a “no-show”, after a 15-minute waiting period, the player that did not show up forfeits the match. Only the winner by forfeit will receive credit for the match.
TENNIS BALLS: Each player must bring an unopened can of USTA approved balls to each match. Winner takes home the unopened can.

Please mail registration form and payment to:
Wrightsville Beach Parks and Recreation, PO Box 626, Wrightsville Beach

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